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Nerve Control Records was delivered into this world on March 2008. It's primary mission, to be a platform for label owner Nervous Systems to release his own unique blend of material. NCR is an exclusive online digital record label concentrating on quality music from the techno and electronica genres.

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29th June 2011 :: Ask Us Anything

You can now ask us any question you like via Formspring. Ask us a question.

10th June 2011 :: NCR 003 Out Now

Nervous Systems - Circuit Theory EP is now available to download. Click here to preview or download this release.

9th June 2011 :: NCR 003 Out Tommorrow

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd installment of NCR will be out tommorrow. A preview of which can be heard here.

24th July 2010 :: 3rd Release Preview

Nervous Systems is currently working on his 3rd release for Nerve Control Records, a preview of which can be heard here.

23rd July 2010 :: Version 2 Of Nerve Control Records

Nerve Control Records launches version 2 of its website, the new site has an improved layout with more information than before. It also includes an uploader for anyone wishing to submit their demos to us for consideration for future releases. There will be a mobile version of the site that will make it easier to browse Nerve Control Records on your favorite mobile device, watch out for this soon. The website was designed by label owner Gordon Rankine who a few of you know also as Nervous Systems.

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